Deposit Cash or Checks

Easily deposit funds into your SwordATM™ via cash or check with 2 forms of valid ID.

Bank Account is issued via Instant Issue Debit Card

With 2 forms of valid ID, you can have a SWORD “checkless checking” Account in less than 5 minutes!

Direct EFT Payroll Deposits

Direct deposit? No problem! Deposit your weekly paychecks without a hitch.

Access to funds via Smartphone or Card

Stay up to date on your debit bank account balance, and easily transfer funds via card or smartphone!

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Why choose The SwordATM™

The SwordATM™ simply allows you to deposit any check with access to that money via a Photo ID Debit Card at any retail POS terminal or ATM for a small fee. And we are working hard to reduce those fees! For instance our partnership with Money Pass and AllPoint ATM Networks allows you to use the ATM’s surcharge fees! Money Pass has 27,000 ATM’s. Money Pass and AllPoint have 2.5 times MORE ATM’s than Bank of America! So chances are you’ll find two or three surcharge FREE ATM’s around the corner!

  • Deposit any check directly into your SwordATM™
  • Full online banking from home allows you to transfer funds, pay bills, international money remittance, buy prepaid long distance and cell phone top up!
  • Cell phone text alerts such as Check Cleared, Balance Available is $xxx.xx
  • Cash back at participating retailers
  • No ATM surcharge fees at Money Pass and AllPoint ATMs
  • And a whole lot more…